Residential Security Services


Protecting your home and family is important. For just a few dollars per day, you can rest assured knowing that your loved ones are safe. Alarm New England offers home security packages to protect small condos all the way up to multi-acre estates. We locally install, service, monitor and support a full range of security solutions such as wireless alarm systems, home video surveillance, electronic locks and fire alarm systems.


Business Security Services


When selecting a commercial security company, it is important to choose carefully. Alarm New England has been partnering with local businesses for over 40 years. We have the people, process and the expertise to design the right solution for your organization. We offer integrated services such as commercial security systems, video surveillance, access control and fire detection. Let us conduct a security assessment and help you build a world-class and effective corporate security program.

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1. Unlike 90% of the industry, we don’t outsource our monitoring to third parties. 2. CES Editor’s Choice Award in 2016 for our Honeywell Lyric Product Line. 3. 39th largest security company in the United States with an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. 4. Over 27,000 customers choose us ...
6 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe When Traveling During The ...

Most of us love the classic 90’s movie Home Alone. In the film Kevin McAllister gets abandoned by his family as they go on holiday travel and has to fight off the Wet Bandits who are burglarizing the neighborhood. Although movies about home burglary may offer comedic relief, coming back from ...
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Your one-stop-shop for security solutions. The latest Honeywell smart home technology, together with 43 years experience in security solutions. Find out why 27,000 customers choose Alarm New England for home, small buisiness and commercial security systems.