All the puppy pics you could want in a weekend

By Angie Hilsman | May 13, 2017
Photo by: Angie Hilsman Dartmouth resident Harry Baggen makes friends with five-year-old Gracie during DNRT's community dog walk.

When two-year-old Ava is in a service vest, she knows she has to focus. The 125-pound great dane helps Cindy Bean with her balance.

"They're very patient. If you got to take them to work, they're great couch potatoes when needed," said Jim Bean, Cindy's husband.

The two followed a 14-person line of dog walkers at Destruction Brook Woods on May 13. Led by the Canine Club's Nancy Mahoney and the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust, the walk focused on teaching dog walkers and their four-legged companions proper trail etiquette.

"If we want to move aside, we have a couple runners coming," said Jo-Anne Gallant, a representative of Dartmouth Dog Advisory Work Group (DDAWG).

The group included terriers, Labradors, and beagle mixes with their respective owners. Each had a story to tell, and by the end of the walk, everyone had made friends.

"I can already see the people I talked to I feel really comfortable with," said Charlotte Berman, new to the DNRT walks. She had brought along her one-year-old maltese poodle Danny Boy.

Berman made friends with University of Massachusetts Dartmouth history professor, Ilana Offenberger, who brought along her three-year-old hound mix Frenchie.

"I like to socialize her has much as possible. I love it when she's happy," said Offenberger.

Also out to socialize were Harvey Wolkoff and his wife Susan, with their 10-month-old west highland terrier. "We're [DNRT] members, and it's a beautiful day. Riley's having a great time," said Wolkoff.

Paul Leite and his nine-year-old black lab mix Kaila stop for a break. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Five-year-old Sophie looks at he camera. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Jim and Cindy Bean enjoy a casual walk with two-year-old Ava. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Three-year-old Frenchie jumps for a treat from owner Ilana Offenberger. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Harry Baggen and two-year-old coonhound mix Trudy. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Fourteen-month-old Willow rests in the grass. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
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