Dartmouth gets outside for the first weekend of summer

By Angie Hilsman | Jun 25, 2017
Photo by: Angie Hilsman Jacina Delgado, 8, most enjoys the swings and swimming on a hot day at the beach.

Nelson Carreiro and Jayme DeDeus geared up with lifejackets and paddles at Russells Mills Landing.

"This is my first time kayaking. I just bought these," said DeDeus, pointing toward the kayak half situated in the water on June 25.

Alongside the two, Daria Casinelli and Kati Wilson pulled onto the shore from the Slocum River.

"We didn't go down very far because it's windy, and the tide is against us," said Casinelli. The Jamaica Plain residents said they are staying around Barney's Joy throughout the summer, but were excited by the half dozen people they saw out on the water and the wildlife.

"I saw an osprey nest with a baby in it," said Wilson.

At Apponagansett Park, visitors noticed fewer birds and more ice cream cones. Nine-year-old Zoey Lubiejewski relaxed in the sand after enjoying a cone of Moose Tracks.

"We like Round Hill and this beach because it's quiet, not a lot of people," said Sarena Cormier.

A neighboring family agreed that it's the best way to kick off the first weekend of summer, although they also plan on camping excursions and Six Flags trips.

"The water was nice and warm. I saw lots of little baby bait fish and hermit crabs," said Michael O'Leary IV.

Eileen Francis enjoyed an ice cream cone from the Gulf Hill Bucket.

"We were at Round Hill since this morning. It was wonderful," she said. Although Francis said the water was chilly compared to the 80-degree water she experienced on a recent Florida trip, she plans to spend a lot of time at the beach.

"It was nice because the road was open," she said, pointing to the Smith Neck-Gulf roads intersection. She said it was a quick commute between Round Hill Beach and the ice cream stand.

Daria Casinelli and Kati Wilson finish up a day trip at Russells Mills Landing. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Richard Russell scoots around Padanaram on his moped. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Zoey Lubiejewski, 9, enjoys the sand at Apponagansett Beach. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Eileen Francis tries to finish her ice cream cone before it melts. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Kylee Hagen sells strawberries to Rachael Kubiski near St. Mary's Church. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Isaiah Cortes, 9, constructs a third sand castle. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
MaKayla O'Leary, Jessica Colon, Michael O'Leary IV, Michael O'Leary V, and Sophia Whitehead sit in the sun. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
Jayme DeDeus, Brylee DeDeus, and Nelson Carreiro ready for some kayaking in the Slocum River. (Photo by: Angie Hilsman)
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