Emergency crews respond to storm-related calls

By Shenandoah Briere | Mar 02, 2018
Photo by: Jaime Rebhan A police car blocks part Idlewood Ave after a tree fell and took down power lines.

A nor'easter moved through the state on March 2, causing trees, branches, poles and wires to fall down all over town.

Dartmouth police responded to over 1,000 calls in a 24-hour period, according to Det. Kyle Costa. Costa said there were various streets officers were standing by waiting for the power company, Eversource, to repair the lines and clear the area.

Idlewood Ave was just one street closed because of several downed tress and wires. It was not reopened until March 4. Responders were also watching utility poles which were leaning, down or had a tree leaning against it.

The fire department also responded to a call from a bus driver who was stuck on White Oak Run near Fisher Street. Live wires came down on the bus. No children were on the bus at the time. The Dartmouth school district sent a message to parents letting them know there would be bus delays as they try to get students home safely.

On Division Road, emergency crews had to help someone whose car was hit by a tree. They sustained only minor injuries.

Some residents saw power lines ripped from their house. Residents took to social media to post photos of wires and trees down in their area. One resident posted a video of  a utility pole on fire after branches fell on it.

Over 2,500 people were without power in Dartmouth, according to Eversource. Costa said there was only localized flooding, but nothing that disrupted the flow of traffic.

If any residents have photos of the storm send them to reporter@dartmouthweek.net for possible publication.

Police respond to a tree down in the road. (Photo by: Dartmouth Police Department)
Tucker road is blocked off by police because trees being down. (Photo by: Jaime Rebhan)
Trees and branches fall in the middle of streets due to high winds and rain from the storm. (Photo by: Dartmouth Police Department)
The storm caused a tree to fall taking wires down in the process. (Photo by: Dartmouth Police Department)
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