Holiday Home Decorating Safety

By Upper Cape Realty | Dec 16, 2015
Photo by: Upper Cape Realty from our home to yours ... happy holidays

With the holidays coming, we are all preparing our homes for days and nights full of joy and cheer. This may include adorning our homes with decorations, lights, candles, and maybe even a tree. Yet little do we know, the decorating we are doing may have risks as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Never leave candles unattended
  2. Pick nonflammable products to avoid potential fire hazards
  3. When lighting a fire, ensure you remove all flammable decorations from the area
  4. Keep all flames away from your tree, even cigarettes
  5. Keep all breakable decorations, such as those made with glass, out of the reach of children
  6. Never leave lights on attended
  7. Only attached 3 strings of lights together to one extension cord to avoid overload

Taking a few precautions can help keep you and your family safe. Making sure that all fire hazards are eliminated is a great first step. This includes lights, candles and fire places. We often don't think about the lights we hang up as being a fire hazard but if it were to malfunction, a fire is likely. This time of year is near and dear to many of us. Don't make the mistake of being careless and suffering the devastating consequences. Take a moment to look around and see how you can prevent a accident from happening.

Have a happy and SAFE holiday

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