Kids learn about native animals at the Lloyd Center

By Chloe Shelford | Jun 30, 2018
Photo by: Chloe Shelford Louis Kwiecien, Sanjay Singhal, and Bentley Kwiecien venture out to look for local animals.

The calm waters of the salt pond lapped the shore as children held nets and peered beneath the surface. Katie Houseman, a Lloyd Center educator, pointed out a school of minnows swimming around a rock.

“They’re about the same color as the sand, but you can see them moving,” she told the kids, who carefully splashed over to see.

“Estuary Exploration” is a class held at the salt pond to teach children about the animals that live there- many of whom are in the area to lay eggs.

Houseman found a Shore Shrimp full of eggs and ready to lay them nearby. The body of the shrimp is clear, so the eggs are visible.

“I’m trying to get a fish, but all I got is seaweed!” Louis Kwiecien exclaimed. Luckily, even the seaweed is interesting. The lumps in Rock Seaweed are actually air pockets.

In addition, the kids found Hermit Crabs, Twister Crabs, Large Green Crabs, and a Periwinkle Snail.

Katie Houseman shows Louis and Bentley Kwiecien  how to pull their nets through the grass to try and catch a fish. (Photo by: Chloe Shelford)
The salt pond at the Lloyd Center (Photo by: Chloe Shelford)
Katie Houseman holds a net with a Large Green Crab. (Photo by: Chloe Shelford)
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