Oh what an invention it will be: Students show off their creations

By Shenandoah Briere | Feb 08, 2018
Ella Bosworth, 3, and Miles Bosworth, 7, check out another students invention.

Pre-kindergarten children at Potter Elementary School spent an hour after school on February 7 showing off their creative skills to their families, as they presented the inventions they had created.

During the event, students took turns putting on a white lab coat and goggles before finding their invention on a table behind them and then showing it to their fellow peers, as well as their family members.

They also got to explain, with the help of their teacher, Trisha Weaver, what they had made.

Some of the inventions the kids came up with included a machine which made horses that drove cars and another child made what he called “The New Playstation,” allowing the player to be a part of the actual game.

As the event was wrapping up one student could be heard yelling "these are the best inventions ever."

Teaching assistant Kim Shaw said an assignment like this allows the children to express themselves.

They get to use their imagination, the way that they use the recycled parts and the different things that they could do with it,” Shaw said. “They really did it all by themselves.”

This is the first year the students have done such a project.

Chase Amaral and Rhys Fontaine with their inventions. (Photo by: Shenandoah Briere)
Noah Jorge, 4, shows of his invention called "The New Playstation." (Photo by: Shenandoah Briere)
Michael Reynolds holds his one-year-old son Carson as they look at the inventions his five-year-old daughter Madison's classmates made. (Photo by: Shenandoah Briere)
Ella Bosworth, 3, tells her family and fellow classmates about her invention that makes dolls. (Photo by: Shenandoah Briere)
Chase Amaral, 5, shows off his Valentine machine that has hearts that come out of it. (Photo by: Shenandoah Briere)
Rhys Fontaine, 5, explains how his invention spits fireballs. (Photo by: Shenandoah Briere)
Madison Reynolds, 5, shares how her invention makes chocolate chips and hearts. (Photo by: Shenandoah Briere)
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