Recap: Bishop Stang's Visual Arts Night

May 04, 2017
Courtesy of: Jana McHenry/ Bishop Stang (Left to right): Katherine Ferreira, Nolan Da Rosa, Lindsay Honeycutt, Allison Michaud, Amber Rousseau, Lauren Mauretti, Reed Barker, and Hanah Cincotta.

Bishop Stang High School held its annual Visual Arts Night on March 16. Under the direction of art teacher Kathryn Burakowski, students showcased their favorite pieces. Complemented by student musicians and refreshments, the school’s Academic Resource Center was transformed to a gallery.

The following is the complete list of winners from the viewers’ choice ballots:

Best Drawing:

1st: Allison Michaud “Gazing”

2nd: Maura Hegarty “Green Eyes”

3rd: Lexi Croteau “Eye”

Honorable Mention: Caroline Coady “Squid Man”


Best Painting:

1st: Katherine Ferreira “Beyond the Physical”

2nd: Lauren Aguiar “Trapped in a Gilded Cage”

3rd: Kolbe Correia “Exploring”

Honorable Mention: Cloe Hughes “The View”


Best Sculpture:

1st: Lindsay Honeycutt “Childhood Delights”

2nd: Halle Cabral “Tree”

3rd: Lexi Croteau “Ceramic Pot”

Honorable Mention: Mary Mahoney Pacheco “Figure Study”


Best Mixed Media:

1st: Hanah Cincotta “It Came from Inspiration”

2nd: Mary Mahoney Pacheco “Secret Identity”

3rd: Hannah Friedman “In Our Hands”

Honorable Mention (tie): Esther Campbell “Flower Child” and Christian Stamoulis “I’ll Take it from Here”


Best Abstract Photo:

1st: Reed Barker “Skateboards”

2nd: Ben Resende “Glass Reflection”

3rd: Catherine Yeargin “Plant”

Honorable Mention: Noah Vieira “Water Droplets”


Best Motion Photo:

1st: Amber Rousseau “Skateboarder”

2nd: Jarod Potocki “Sister”

3rd: George Brown “John Deer”

Honorable Mention: Luke Bala “Running Dog”


Best Nature Photo:

1st: Nolan DaRosa “Bee and Flower”

2nd: Jennifer Chen “Mountain Reflection”

3rd: Leah Fellows “Path”

Honorable Mention: Landon Bothelho “Rock”


Best Portrait:

1st: Lauren Mauretti “Dog”

2nd: Devon Walsh “Self-Portrait”

3rd: Ben Markert “Self-Portrait”

Honorable Mention: Lauren Rego “Cityscape”


Best in Show: Katherine Ferreira “Beware of the Heart”

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