Say Farewell to Franchise and Support Local

By Jeffrey Silveira | Mar 19, 2018

Did you know that many franchise cleaning companies sell their contracts? This might not be something you’re thinking about when interviewing a new cleaner, but it’s something to consider -- especially if consistency, customer service and security is a priority.


Here’s a few things that you may experience if you hire a franchise cleaner who sells your contact out to a third party:


  • You’re going to pay more (for less). Because the franchise is looking to make money off your contract, chances are you’re going to pay more. Seeking out a local provider can simply cut out the middleman and save you money.
  • Who’s in charge? Who’s doing the cleaning? With a franchise you’ll most likely get a rotating staff which will impact consistency, support and can even compromise a secure facility.

To avoid the pitfalls of being a third-party contract holder, here’s a few things you can do to ensure you’re dealing with a local provider that cares about earning (and keeping!) your business:


  • Ask for a list of customers that they have been servicing for 4 or more years
  • Ask for customer testimonials and see how they rank online/social media
  • Ask them how much of the invoice will actually be received by the franchisee/cleaners and then consider this; would you run a business for that low a rate?
  • Ask who will be doing the cleaning and if there’s a supervisor in charge?

Hiring a cleaning company can be a messy matter, but you have options. Here’s a few reasons it's a good idea to seek out a local company that cares about consistency:


  • Local and family owned companies have time for you. We provide great customer service because we we want to earn and keep your business.
  • We know how hard it is to earn a new customer. Our goal is to keep customers long-term because it simply costs more if we don’t. Something franchise owners with national budgets really don’t have to worry about.
  • Most of the money you spend with a locally owned and operated janitorial service will stay within your city or community, and this boosts your local economy.



Clean Right Cleaning Solutions is a local commercial cleaner dedicated to serving MA and RI. We specialize in janitorial, floor care, carpet cleaning and window washing for all facilities – big and small. Contact me for a free quote, and I'll get back to you today.



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