The Faunce Corner headache is almost over

By Angie Hilsman | May 05, 2017
Photo by: Angie Hilsman Faunce Corner Road improvements will be completely finished by October, said DPW Director David Hickox.

Travellers moving through the Faunce Corner Road construction won’t have to suffer for much longer.

One of the two ongoing projects in the area will finish within the next few days, while the second project will wrap up by October, according to town officials.

“All of the ramps to 195 have been paved. There’s two more nights of paving,” said Public Works Director David Hickox. He said although scaping and some cleanup will follow, the project is “pretty much complete.”

The second project involves narrowing Faunce Corner Road’s center island — between State Road and Comfort Lane — so a third, northbound lane can be added.

That project will conclude in October, said Hickox.

Additionally, crew are updating intersections with a sensored system that will diffuse traffic buildup.

"You won't see anything different. But there will be sensors and cameras that track traffic volume through computers and make real time adjustments," said Hickox.

Hickox said that, although drivers will not see much of a difference, the new system will improve travelling, especially during morning rush hours and school dismissal.

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Posted by: | May 08, 2017 18:45

I think the problem will be there until October if they are waiting to decrease the size of the island until then. With the southbound lanes reduced to three at the Route 6 intersection, this makes it even worse than it was before. Don't really need the extra northbound lane but sure do need the southbound back again.

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